Sunday, 29 September 2013

Naka, the first, 2013

ezorro tea diary

Nice weather, my crutches, empty house, I am enjoying the solitude with a little dust of tea. This tea is great I know that. Even it is dusty grade from the bottom of the box, it can make a nice sunny autumn afternoon.

Heavy, sweetie aroma from the aroma cup hits my nose. The saliva is gathering in my mouth. Mellow, bitterish taste with sweetie hints waters my mounth. Cold aroma cup still smells the same. I will give her a second brew to bath. Baked notes with bitter aftertaste. Do not force your tea be something that is not, there is no perfect tea, there is no perfect state. The teapot cup smells of vegetal tones of green tea. This tea is a very young one.

I have made rather three brews at once so that I do not have to be jumping on one leg to have more
hot water. One wrong step makes you many days thinking and bearing with your one leg jumping and with hands clutching your crutches. We do forget about our fragile and aging body we carry. 

The next brew gives you a fine, typicall puerish bitterness, found in most of tea puerh teas, ranging from plantation grades to old tree teas. Wild sharp honey aroma, melow sweetish bitterness, the melownes is the sweetness in it, the ticking of the kitchen clock, occasional street noises. A fear of interuption of this quit afternoon. Why not to relax and leave the things what they are?

Sweetness of the fith brew satisfy my expectation. I have had this tea a several times but still a worthwhile session when one really melts with the tea drinking is missing.

Dryness in my mouth makes me to drink clear water. A warm, clean water gives all the tea tastes the correct frame.

Root vegetables notes, backed up with gushu aftertaste, the fine, refined, bitterness that I like so much. Nutty tones, contraction of the mouth sides, dryness, watery, clear like mountain streams feeling. I have to do another 3 brews that makes up the 12.

Drinking warm clean water is super sweet now. What an aftertaste?

P.S. Even before going to bed, the aftertaste is there, I decide not to brush my teeth and go to be with it.