Thursday, 10 October 2013

Chun Shi Oolong 2009

I got this oolong as a gift from a tea master I met in Yixing. It comes from some good, organic taiwanesse tea farmer. It is from year 2009 and I do not know much about it. It seems to be a middle roasted, I think hand made.

Nice roasting aromas during the rinsing, it seems to be promising. Even the wet leaves smells fresh. Using my light oolong xishi teapot, long time not used it. 

Nice tones of roasting, with milky background, fresh bread, heavy fruity scents in the second brew, nice sweetness appears in the third brew, oolongish bitterness, this slight tingling bitterish, aroma cup is full of fruit, perfume like aroma, so great, with a tea that have been sitting in a bag for more that 4 years, the taste is really delicate, ohh, very nice taste, fruity all over, caramel like aftertaste, uhh I love this taste, ohh, nice water, drinking clean water after the tea gives a good indication what the aftertaste of this tea is.

This tea is a long runner, you may drink it for many hours. Forget it and brew it later. I am getting info that is coming from an organic tea garden, even organic soil. It's name is Chun Shi ( 春蒔), the name of the cultivar probably. 

I just took pictures of the wet leaves and these were smelling really good, I know that only very few teas leaves after tens of brewings still have such a nice, a really nice aroma. It's a waste to throw these leaves away. I heard that in Taiwan some good teas are drunk for a few days, I never tried it.

So in overal, an oolong from 2009, without reroasting, still tasting fantastic, it must be a good tea indeed. I am hearing this farmer guy picks his customers so I hope I will get acquainted with him. 

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