Tuesday, 1 October 2013

visiting a friend

It is nice visiting friends, friends that are human, those whose door is always open for friends. Petr Novák is a nice man and lives with a nice woman.

Ezorro and Chajotaurus decided one day to pay a visit to a great czech teapotter. Ohh it's almost like Harry Potter. Having breakfast in Kentucy fried chicken, drinking green from Azores island on the way. Chatting and stopping in Telč, a nice old city, to have a walk and eat some local food. Tea from Azores is salty and lacking bitternes, a great companion on touring, having it in a thermo flask.

Arriving to Doupě, a Den, a village, a tiny village in late afternoon. We found Petr and Mirka working in their studio. The gate was not locked, so we opened like at our own house and pulled in with a car.

Having tea with Petr, admiring his works, his new pu-erh cupboard, already almost full of pu-erh cakes.

This guy really likes his role, the role of a craftsman creating these nice things we use for making and storing tea. Finding and trying new ways to make another nicer cup, teapot or teatray.

We gathered for a planned short walk to see the nearby castle. We walked and walked, took the wrong path, ended near the wild bull fence, coming back and due to late hours rather walking back to Doupě. Thirsty, hungry returning to Petr's estate we were glad to sit down and have tea. I remember this tea, it was Lao man'e 2010, already turning slowly to sweet, not really sweet, maybe I mean a bit less bitter. Maybe we drunk something else but my poor state of being, have erased my mind.

Waking up to the rough fresh mountain air was really plesant, having a short meditation, preparing the tea stuff on the stone terasse. Enjoying 1985 Lao Banzhang took us more that 2 hours, drinking and just slowly taking the new upcoming working day. old, good tea, made as old good friends. Some teas do not need words, they drunk, enjoyed and gone...

Still in the morning we got to the castle Roštejn, a place that we couldn't find the other day. Small castle, hidden in the dense forest, very preserved and worth of visiting.

On way back home we stopped by in Slavonice, another nice old tiny city in this part of Czech republic. A good, short trip seeing a man with a good heart in a nice countryside. Small villages and tiny cities that are picturesque, giving you a feeling solitude and piece.

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