Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Naka 2005

I got this sample from Paul, from white2tea.com, it's from Naka mountain, year of production 2005. I had it when I received it about 2 months ago and at that time did not catch my attention so much.

A nice and warm/soft aroma of hot leaves, the leaves are pressed gently, coming apart very nicely, the soup is nicely transparent, ohh how I long for a cup of tea, since morning has passed almost 6 hours, and the daily job took my all time, I thought I would rather have this tea later, when there is a bit of space.

An open window, nice breeze, autumn is here, still the leaves are green as this lowland (in Slovakia) is still during the day quit warm. I like to take a bit of time before the first sip, just smelling, watching and trying to put the mind to a rest.

The first sip are really light, the brew was more like third washing, let's the tea woken up a bit. An old friend used to say, slap it over it's ears, meaning giving him a hot and long brew.

An old taste notes, oldish, aging is in progress,  bitterish notes, very
refined taste, no disturbing elements, it's interesting that each tea needs time to settle down, once arrived, it's not stable, even its packed, the changing temperature during the transport gives a shot to the leaves, indeed. It is getting apparent now to me how important a stable and a good environment for the aging is.

The taste is a bit light, a bit of weird feeling, something storage or roasting elements that are disturbing a bit, still the tea is giving a nice, light, pleasant aftertaste a silencing effect, when one just keep staring at the moving branches of trees  and leaving one's mind blank. It is very good to have the tea leaves to air and settle in one's environment, a few weeks even months will help.

Sipping and thinking, breathing the fresh air, enjoying the present moment, each is only one, gone, tea is a great means to support contemplation of the present moment and opening the vast horizon of the mind.

Still giving a chance to these tea leaves, giving a more and more clear taste, this is another long runner, not a plantation, fast grow-up, even nice aroma comes up, this guy was sleeping I must say, infusion after infusion, getting down the throat.

This is a good tea, the processing was not  that perfect (or the humid storage) but still the effect of this tea is what a gushu would give and by further aging will still transform to very good aged leaves. The calm (also aftertaste) what gives this tea is amazing, even the other day I was retaining a very steady and calm mind. I think this the reason that many, mainly asians drink aged pu.Very rare find and reflecting the price is almost the same as fresh cakes sold or rather hard to find someone selling a true Naka.

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