Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tuo 2007

First very nice brew, smoky but acceptable, enchancing the melow flavour, not disturbing bitterness, no plantation tea unpleasant kick yet, probably aged a bit, even fine sweetness, 

Second, richer, still slightly smoky,  a slight acidity, stronger plantation bitterness although ending with a hint of sweetness and slight acid feeling, biting bitterness that is not pleasing, not having a good feeling, the cup smell well, I do not like this taidi kick (that I thought it would not come) that is placed around your heart.

Third, giving no that strong kick, the taste has smoothen, the plantation taste has subsided, although not feeling that good now, a bit of nervousness, it might be like the effect of some sweets that children get, that they are hyperactive, I try them myself to see what it does, the taste is good for this kind of tea, after those few years (6) is showing to be advancing well.

The fourth has even sweetned a bit more, giving a mouthful of sweet which is rather suprising for me, I do not know tuo's much, not have drunk that many of them. Nice nutty taste.

The fifth has changed, downwards, I think I will finish here, I feel
much better now, all the kick effect went away and I feel relaxed. Its drinkable still this tea, even the aftertaste is there, slight fruityness on the tongue, no other aftermatch feeling on the tongue even in the whole body.

In overall this tea is good, a kind of plantation long runner, except the taidi kick I think it is clean, in terms of  pesticide used. That kick you may get with any green tea.

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  1. Hi Peter,

    while I was drinking the sample of the tou cha and I did not notice the smoky aroma which you described. Maybe it is because of my Yixing teapot which has an unbelievable sense of filtrating some unpleasant taste as for example the smoke.

    Overall, I am not a big fan of Xiaguans teas but this particular one was drinkable one :)